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Baylis V4C-560TM Ventilator and
Baylis V4C-O2ETM Oxygen Mixer

The Baylis V4C-560 ventilator was developed by Baylis in 2020 in response to the Government of Canada’s call to action for medical equipment support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The design and development of the V4C-560 occurred under the open-source permissive license granted by Medtronic. In addition to the ventilator, Baylis developed the V4C-O2E Oxygen Mixer, an accessory to the V4C-560 that increases the percentage of oxygen that can be delivered by the ventilator from 50% to 100%.

Baylis is proud to support both the V4C-560 Ventilator and V4C-O2E Oxygen Mixers as they are deployed across Canada and beyond.

For V4C-560 or V4C-O2E technical support, please contact us.
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