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Charitable Foundations

Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental value at Baylis Medical Technologies, guiding us to enrich communities both locally and internationally.

Gloria Baylis, founder of Baylis Medical Company, was a trailblazer, advocating a people-first approach without compromising on the excellence of care. This philosophy continues to be a pivotal aspect of Baylis Medical Technologies’ ethos.

For the past 20 years, the employee-led charitable group, For the Children (FTC), has been a cornerstone of our corporate social responsibility endeavors. The collective efforts of our FTC committee and the generosity of our employees have enabled us to contribute over $150,000 to various causes.

As Baylis Medical has evolved, we are committed to scaling up our charitable initiatives. This ambition was realized in 2022 with the inception of the Gloria Baylis Foundation and the Shah Family Foundation.

About the Gloria Baylis Foundation


The Gloria Baylis Foundation, recognized as a charitable organization by the Canada Revenue Agency, stands as a stand-alone entity with a compelling mission: To enhance the lives of individuals by providing access to education, healthcare, and equal opportunities for community advancement. Upholding this mission, the Foundation dedicates itself to empowering systemic change in these crucial areas, striving to make a tangible difference in the lives it touches. The Foundation honors Gloria Baylis, a visionary whose legacy is a beacon of inspiration for impactful change across the globe.

About the Shah Family Foundation


The Shah Family Foundation, a registered charity under the Canada Revenue Agency, operates as an independent organization with an inspiring mission: To foster sustainable communities by enabling equitable education and healthcare access around the world. In alignment with this mission, the Foundation commits to being a force for equality, sustainable development, and innovation in vital sectors, ardently working to deliver a meaningful impact where it’s most needed. The Foundation is driven by the Shah family’s vision, championing progress and innovative solutions for communities across the globe.

The Gloria Baylis Foundation will be the primary charitable giving program for Baylis Medical Technologies. 

As the primary avenue for philanthropic endeavors at Baylis Medical Technologies, the Gloria Baylis Foundation will continue in its support of educational and youth development initiatives. Moreover, the Foundation is set to broaden its philanthropic scope to encompass healthcare projects aimed at enhancing service accessibility and dismantling healthcare barriers.

For Baylis Medical Technologies employees, the Gloria Baylis Foundation offers a structured path to contribute to charitable causes that resonate with our organizational values and objectives.