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ProTrack™ Microcatheter

Use to exchange guidewires, infuse diagnostic or therapeutic agents, and facillitate access to distal tortuous vasculature over a guidewire.

Designed for Versatility

ProTrack Microcatheter over a guidewire in distal vasculature

Excellent Trackability

Facilitate access to distal, tortuous vasculature over a guidewire.

ProTrack Microcatheter with hub on the arrow pointing to it removed below

Easy Exchange

Exchange catheters effortlessly with a removeable hub.

ProTrack Microcatheter fluoroscopy image with an arrow indicating the radiopaque tip

Radiopaque Tip

Radiopaque tip visible under fluoroscopy.

Technical Specifications

Feature Specifications
French size
2.7F (0.035"), 2.9F (0.038")
Internal diameter
0.022” (0.56 mm), 0.025" (0.64 mm)
Overall length
145 cm

Comes packaged with a removeable stylet.

Use with the Nykanen RF Wire

Nykanen RF Wire Product

Ordering Information

Outer Diameter Product Code
2.7F (0.035")
CIC 35-145

2.9F (0.038")

Recommended for use with the Nykanen RF Wire

CIC 38-145

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