First Commercial Use of Baylis Medical Technologies’ PowerWire® Pro for In-Stent Restenosis

June 5, 2024—Baylis Medical Technologies today announced the completion of its first clinical use of the PowerWire® Pro Radiofrequency (RF) Guidewire to safely cross a chronically occluded peripheral stent.
The procedure was performed in April 2024, by Mark Iafrati, MD, Professor of Vascular Surgery in Nashville, TN. The patient was suffering from a chronically occluded stent that extended from the inferior vena cava (IVC) down to the left common iliac vein. Previous attempts to cross the occlusion with mechanical tools were unsuccessful, likely owing to the dense fibrotic nature of the occlusion. The patient was brought back and Dr. Iafrati performed the procedure with the PowerWire® Pro RF Guidewire, which utilizes RF energy to vaporize a channel through occlusions, allowing for successful crossing and subsequent revascularization of the iliocaval stent.
“This marks a significant advancement in the treatment of patients with in-stent restenosis”, commented Dr. Iafrati. “I was able to easily cross the occluded stents with the PowerWire® Pro RF Guidewire when my standard tools had failed.”
This spring, the FDA cleared Baylis Medical Technologies’ PowerWire® Pro RF Guidewire, a device designed to cross occluded peripheral vessels, including those with stents, using radiofrequency technology.
Frank Baylis, Executive Chairman of Baylis Medical Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about the PowerWire® Pro RF Guidewire’s potential impact, stating, “This innovation aims to simplify the often challenging and time-consuming process of crossing chronic occlusions in revascularization procedures, ensuring uninterrupted patient treatment.”
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