Baylis Medical Technologies Announces Launch of PowerWire® Pro RF Guidewire, Enhancing Access to Care for Patients with Occluded Venous Stents ​

MISSISSAUGA, ON, March 18, 2024 – Baylis Medical Technologies Inc. announced the 510(k) clearance and launch of the PowerWire® Pro Radiofrequency (RF) Guidewire in the United States, facilitating venous stent recanalization for total occlusions.

Patients with stenotic or occluded peripheral vessels often undergo stent placement to restore vessel patency and normal blood flow. Unfortunately, stents can re-occlude, requiring additional interventions. The PowerWire® Pro RF Guidewire has been thoughtfully designed to address this challenge by employing radiofrequency technology to cross totally occluded stents in peripheral vessels. Its design allows selective application of RF energy to cross segments of the occlusion that cannot be traversed mechanically. When contacting metal, the RF energy terminates, reducing the potential for vessel extravasation when crossing in-stent occlusions.

The addition of the PowerWire® Pro RF Guidewire to Baylis Medical Technologies’ portfolio of radiofrequency wires expands its clinical solutions in radiology and vascular surgery. This builds upon the company’s longstanding history and commitment to advancing patient care through innovative solutions.

Frank Baylis, Executive Chairman of Baylis Medical Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about the PowerWire® Pro RF Guidewire’s potential impact, stating, “We are very excited to announce new additions to our family of PowerWire® RF Guidewires. With these new tools, healthcare professionals will now be able to treat patients suffering from both native and in-stent peripheral occlusions using our radiofrequency puncture technology. The PowerWire® Pro RF Guidewire broadens the doctors’ capabilities in treating such occlusions, where traditional methods have previously fallen short.”

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