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Gloria Baylis Foundation

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Corporate Social Responsibility is one of our company’s fundamental principles. It drives us to make the world a better place by supporting communities at home and abroad. 

For the past 20 years our charity, For the Children (FTC), has been an integral part of Baylis Medical’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. Through the combined efforts of the FTC committee of volunteers and the generosity of our employees, FTC has raised and disbursed over $120,000!    

As we have grown as a company, we are now looking to grow our commitment to charitable giving. In this light, we will be launching the Gloria Baylis Foundation.  

Gloria Baylis was a pioneer in many areas. Her ethos centered around putting people first and never compromising on the quality of care we deliver. These principles remain a cornerstone of the culture of Baylis Medical Technologies. They are at the heart of our Core Values of both Employee Development and Social Responsibility.  

Through the Gloria Baylis Foundation, her story and legacy will continue to be shared with others, and provide inspiration for positive changes in our world.

About the Gloria Baylis Foundation

The Gloria Baylis Foundation will be established as a stand-alone organization.  The aim of the Foundation will remain aligned with our important mission of helping to improve the lives of people around the world. 

To better support our efforts, the Foundation will be seeking official charitable status. As a registered charity, the Foundation will be able to establish its own initiatives within our communities, while continuing to support other qualified, charitable groups as we do now. It will also allow us to directly issue tax receipts to our donors and create a formalized structure of governance for our charitable giving.  

The Foundation will be the primary charitable giving program for Baylis Medical Technologies. 

The Gloria Baylis Foundation will continue to support initiatives related to education and youth development. In addition, the Foundation will expand giving to health care initiatives that seek to improve access or reduce barriers to health care services.   

Stay tuned for further information on the Foundation, and for ways in which we can all continue to make a positive impact in our world.